When children are riding their bicycles, parents and caregivers can take steps to protect them

• An adult should always supervise children 10 years of age or younger when they are using a bicycle or other
wheeled sports equipment. Even older children may need on-going supervision when riding near the road.
• Make sure children wear the correct helmet properly when they ride. Ontario's bike helmet law requires all
children and youth under age 18 to wear an approved bike helmet when riding a bicycle.
• Keep children away from traffic when they use wheeled sports equipment. Make sure they ride in a safe place.
• Teach children how to:
 a. steer, brake and ride in a straight line
 b. wear the right safety gear, and
 c. do a safety check every time they ride a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or use in-line skates
• Be within arm's reach when your children are learning to ride any wheeled equipment.
• Always walk a bicycle, scooter or skateboard across a street intersection, instead of riding across.
• Tell children that you are happy when you see them riding safely.
• Remind children of the safety rules when they forget.
• Be a good role model - wear a helmet and safety gear yourself. Children copy what adults do.


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