Use the blkid command to find the UUID of the device

$ sudo blkid /dev/nvme0n1p1: LABEL="/" UUID="55da5202-8008-43e8-8ade-2572319d9185" TYPE="xfs" PARTLABEL="Linux" PARTUUID="591e81f0-99a2-498d-93ec-c9ec776ecf42" /dev/nvme1n1: UUID="7c4d5e8c-5f26-475f-b985-5a1411359058" TYPE="ext2" /dev/nvme0n1: PTUUID="83181c97-6d5e-43c9-9ede-e2f50ead5338" PTTYPE="gpt" /dev/nvme0n1p128: PARTLABEL="BIOS Boot Partition" PARTUUID="4908ae49-9d5b-423e-a23c-a507a47bacf5" /dev/nvme2n1: PTUUID="5a72544b-a4e2-4bbe-aed0-04f727374581" PTTYPE="gpt" /dev/nvme2n1p1: LABEL="/" UUID="577849ee-6d06-4473-9eec-074495a45d70" TYPE="xfs" PARTLABEL="Linux" PARTUUID="7ba2672d-1d11-4f12-9358-2edd6b813413" /dev/nvme2n1p128: PARTLABEL="BIOS Boot Partition" PARTUUID="5a9fc16d-ac21-49f8-8880-28c8f8d2e8bf"

FTC Acts Against Online Sellers That Falsely Promised Fast Delivery of Facemasks and Other Personal Protective Equipment

Suits are part of FTC’s ongoing enforcement actions against companies that are taking advantage of consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic The Federal Trade Commission filed suit against three online merchandisers for failing to deliver on promises that they could quickly ship products like face masks, sanitizer, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) related to the coronavirus pandemic.The lawsuits allege that the companies violated the FTC’s Mail, Internet and Telephone Order Rule (Mail Order Rule), which requires that companies notify consumers of shipping delays in a timely manner and give consumers the chance to cancel orders and receive prompt refunds.“When online merchants lie about the availability of personal protective equipment or about the ability of products to prevent and treat COVID-19, it’s a significant safety concern, and it’s illegal,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.  “The FTC will take aggressive action to stop such tro…

In Python programming, pass is a null statement.

Python pass statement The difference between a comment and pass statement in Python is that, while the interpreter ignores a comment entirely, pass is not ignored. However, nothing happens when pass is executed. It results into no operation (NOP). We generally use it as a placeholder.

Ansible: set up an httpd web server

tasks:   - name: Install apache packages      yum:       name: httpd       state: present   - name: ensure httpd is running     service:       name: httpd        state: started   - name: Open port 80 for http access     firewalld:       service: http       permanent: true       state: enabled   - name: Restart the firewalld service to load in the firewall changes     service:        name: firewalld        state: restarted

Ansible generate SSH Key

- name: generate ssh key for a user     user:       name: ruz          generate_ssh_key: yes       #ssh_key_bits: 2048       #ssh_key_file: .ssh/id_rsa

Testing your SSH connection to GitHub

Open Git Bash.
Enter the following:
$ ssh -T # Attempts to ssh to GitHub

FTC Sues California Marketer of $23,000 COVID-19 “Treatment” Plan

Company falsely claimed its “Emergency D-Virus” treatment is “FDA accepted”The Federal Trade Commission charged a California-based company called Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, Inc. with deceptively advertising a $23,000 treatment plan as a scientifically proven way to treat COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus.According to the FTC’s complaint, Golden Sunrise began marketing its Emergency D-Virus plan as a treatment for COVID-19 in March 2020. Advertising on billboards, their websites, and social media, Golden Sunrise falsely claims that the company’s supplements—ImunStem, Aktiffvate, and AnterFeerons—are “uniquely qualified to treat and modify the course of the Coronavirus epidemic in CHINA and other countries,” and that users can expect the “disappearance of viral symptoms within two to four days,” the FTC alleged.The FTC sent Golden Sunrise a letter in April 2020, warning that it should immediately remove all advertising claims that the products could prevent, treat, or cure …