FTC Launches Initiative to Encourage Lower-Income Communities to Report Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission is launching a new initiative aimed at partnering with community legal aid organizations to expand its outreach to lower-income communities to encourage them to report fraud and provide them with advice to help recover. The Community Advocate Center initiative will provide a new way for organizations that provide free and low-cost legal services to report fraud and other illegal business practices their clients have experienced directly to the FTC on behalf of their clients. “It is a top priority to ensure that FTC resources are available to those who most need them,” said Acting FTC Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter. “The goal of the Community Advocate Center is to build the bridges between underserved communities, their advocates, and the FTC in order to fight fraud and try to recover money lost.” By participating with the FTC’s Community Advocate Center, organizations can connect members of their communities to specific, concrete steps they can take to

Non-medical masks

Non-medical fabric masks are an effective way to help prevent the spread of infection if they: Fit properly over the nose, mouth, and chin without frequent adjustments. Are made of at least two layers of tightly woven fabric such as cotton. Have a middle layer of filter-type fabric such as non-woven polypropylene.

Operators of Bogus Income Scam Targeting Latinas Face FTC Settlement

Owners of Moda Latina will be permanently banned from pitching money-making opportunities The owners of a scam that targeted Latina consumers with promises of wealth and financial security are permanently prohibited from selling money-making opportunities under the terms of a settlement  with the Federal Trade Commission.  In a complaint filed as part of the FTC’s Operation Income Illusion sweep, the agency alleged that Moda Latina BZ Inc., Esther Virginia Fernandez Aguirre, and Marco Cesar Zarate QuĂ­roz specifically targeted Latina consumers in Spanish-language ads on TV with false promises of earnings at home. The defendants allegedly lured consumers into buying a work-at-home business with claims that they could earn “large profits” re-selling luxury products such as brand-name perfumes. Misrepresentations alleged in the complaint include “Want to have your own business and earn up to a thousand dollars per week?” and “Crisis? What crisis? I forgot about that ever since I started

FTC Issues Orders to Five E-Cigarette Manufacturers’ Seeking Information on 2019 and 2020 Sales, Advertising, and Promotional Methods

As part of its ongoing study of the U.S. e-cigarette market, the Federal Trade Commission has issued orders to five manufacturers seeking information about the companies’ 2019 and 2020 sales, advertising, and promotional expenditures. The FTC sent the orders to JUUL Labs, Inc.; R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company; Fontem US, LLC; Logic Technology Development LLC; and NJOY, LLC. The orders seeking 2019 and 20200 data follow similar orders the FTC issued to e-cigarette manufacturers in October 2019 to collect information about industry sales and marketing for the calendar years 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. The goal is to help the Commission, policymakers, and the public better understand this rapidly growing market. The FTC’s e-cigarette study complements studies the agency has been conducting for many years on cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. Among other things, the Commission orders seek: annual data on the sales and give-aways of e-cigarette products; information about the cha

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Microsoft #Edge kiosk mode offers two lockdown experiences of the browser so organizations can create, manage, and provide the best experience for their customers.

The following 2 lockdown experiences are available: Digital/Interactive Signage experience - Displays a specific site in full-screen mode. Public-Browsing experience - Runs a limited multi-tab version of Microsoft Edge. Both experiences are running a Microsoft Edge InPrivate session, which protects user data.