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Microsoft #Edge kiosk mode offers two lockdown experiences of the browser so organizations can create, manage, and provide the best experience for their customers.

The following 2 lockdown experiences are available: Digital/Interactive Signage experience - Displays a specific site in full-screen mode. Public-Browsing experience - Runs a limited multi-tab version of Microsoft Edge. Both experiences are running a Microsoft Edge InPrivate session, which protects user data.

#Windows Sandbox is based on Hyper-V technology and allows you to spin up an isolated, temporary, desktop environment where you can run untrusted software.

Starting with Windows 10 build 18305, Microsoft introduced Windows Sandbox.

Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation.

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tezos, and many other cryptocurrencies, with fiat currencies in approximately 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

FTC Names Two Additional Defendants in Its Case Against Zurixx Real Estate Investment Training Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection have named two additional defendants in their case against the operators of the Zurixx real estate investment training scheme. The FTC and the Division allege that Zurixx used deceptive promises of big profits in live sales events and telemarketing to lure consumers into spending thousands of dollars on Zurixx’s products and services. The second amended complaint adds Utah-based CAC Investment Ventures, LLC as a defendant in the case, and Stephenie Spangler as a relief defendant, meaning that she is not accused of wrongdoing but allegedly received funds that Zurixx illegally obtained from consumers. The FTC and the Division sued Zurixx in October 2019 and first amended their complaint in May 2020. The Court has issued a stipulated preliminary injunction against defendants. The receiver in the case has created a website with information for consumers who may have been affected at . Consume

Purpose Investment’s bitcoin (BTC, +3.97%) ETF officially started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker “BTCC” on Thursday.

Tmux Quick Reference

  Sessions Start a new session tmux tmux new tmux new-session :new Start a new session with the name goyun tmux new -s goyun new -s goyun kill/delete session goyun tmux kill-ses -t goyun tmux kill-session -t goyun kill/delete all sessions but the current tmux kill-session -a kill/delete all sessions but goyun tmux kill-session -a -t goyun Rename session Ctrl + b $ Detach from session Ctrl + b d Detach others on the session (Maximize window by detach other clients) attach -d Show all sessions tmux ls tmux list-sessions Ctrl + b s Attach to last session tmux a tmux at tmux attach tmux attach-session Attach to a session with the name goyun tmux a -t goyun tmux at -t goyun tmux attach -t goyun tmux attach-session -t goyun Move to previous session Ctrl + b ( Move to next session Ctrl + b ) Windows start a new session with the name goyun and window nextruby tmux new -s goyun -n nextruby Create window Ctrl + b c Rename current window Ctrl + b , Close current window Ctrl + b & Previous win

#Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency, ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications.

Execute cmd file Using Command Prompt

Example: Shell > start


denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

FTC to Hold Virtual Workshop Exploring Digital “Dark Patterns”

The Federal Trade Commission will host a virtual workshop on April 29, 2021 to examine digital “dark patterns,” a term that has been used to describe a range of potentially manipulative user interface designs used on websites and mobile apps. “Bringing Dark Patterns to Light: An FTC Workshop” will explore the ways in which user interfaces can have the effect, intentionally or unintentionally, of obscuring, subverting, or impairing consumer autonomy, decision-making, or choice. For example, some sites sneak extra items into a consumer’s online shopping cart, or require users to navigate a maze of screens and confusing questions to avoid being charged for unwanted products or services. The FTC workshop will bring together researchers, legal experts, consumer advocates, and industry professionals to examine what dark patterns are and how they might affect consumers and the marketplace. Some of the topics the workshop will examine include: how dark patterns differ from sales tactic

Enable hibernate in windows 10

Run Command Prompt or PowerShell as an administrator: powercfg /hibernate on You can verify it is now available: powercfg /availablesleepstates

National Consumer Protection Week 2021 Begins Sunday, February 28

FTC, partners to share advice on scams, identity theft, and other consumer protection issues The Federal Trade Commission and more than 100 federal, state, and local agencies, consumer groups, and national advocacy organizations, will participate in the 23 rd annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) , held February 28 – March 6, 2021. NCPW is a coordinated campaign designed to focus on the importance of keeping consumers informed while providing them with free resources explaining their rights in the marketplace. This year, the FTC and its partners will participate in a series of events including webinars, Facebook Live events, and Twitter chats throughout the week. These virtual events will cover a range of topics, including avoiding coronavirus scams, government imposters, and cyber fraud. This year’s schedule of NCPW activities include: Sunday, February 28 – Saturday, March 6 Follow FTC and USAGov on social media for quick, shareable consumer tips all week long: Fac

#ETFs offer #tax advantages to investors.

ETFs are more tax efficient than mutual funds because of the way they are created and redeemed. As passively managed portfolios, ETFs and index funds tend to realize fewer capital gains than actively managed mutual funds. 

There are only 2.5 million #bitcoin (11%) of total supply left to mine.

#Cryptocurrencies broadly have seen increased adoption from established #financial firms.

#Cryptocurrencies go mainstream

The easiest way to capture and save a picture of your entire Windows screen

If you want to capture and save a picture of your entire screen, the easiest way is to hit the Windows key + Print Screen key, and that picture will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder. 

FTC Report Cites Benefits of International Cooperation On Antitrust and Consumer Protection Enforcement

The Federal Trade Commission issued a report examining ways to enhance cooperation between the FTC and overseas competition and consumer protection authorities in order to maximize the effectiveness of the FTC’s enforcement efforts. The report cites expert testimony from hearings the Commission convened in March 2019 , held in conjunction with the George Washington University’s Competition Law Center, which stressed the importance of obtaining and sharing information quickly and efficiently in cross-border antitrust investigations.  “I commend staff on their work to issue a report on The FTC’s Role in a Changing World,” said Acting FTC Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter. “International cooperation on enforcement can strengthen all the agencies involved, so we must continue to prioritize the importance of working hand-in-hand with our counterparts across the globe.” While the FTC has entered into competition cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding with many countries an

Chrome extension for iCloud passwords

Apple has released an official extension for the Windows and Mac versions of Chrome that lets you use passwords stored in your iCloud Keychain.

Tesla Inc, BNY Mellon Corp and Mastercard Inc embrace the #cryptocurrency

Donald #Trump was acquitted of inciting the attack on the U.S. Capitol

#SSH argument tockens

Arguments to some keywords can make use of tokens %% A literal ‘%’. %C Hash of %l%h%p%r. %d Local user's home directory. %f The fingerprint of the server's host key. %H The known_hosts hostname or address that is being searched for. %h The remote hostname. %I A string describing the reason for a KnownHostsCommand execution: either ADDRESS when looking up a host by address (only when CheckHostIP is enabled), HOSTNAME when searching by hostname, or ORDER when preparing the host key algorithm preference list to use for the destination host. %i The local user ID. %K The base64 encoded host key. %k The host key alias if specified, otherwise the orignal remote hostname given on the command line. %L The local hostname. %l The local hostname, including the domain name. %n The original remote hostname, as given on the command line. %p The remote port. %r The remote username. %T The local tun(4) or tap(4) network interface assigned if tunnel forwarding was requested, or "NONE"

FTC Acts to Ban Payday Lender From Industry, Forgive Illegal Debt

Owners, operators of tribal payday lending scheme settle charges they defrauded millions of dollars from consumers The owners and operators of a vast payday lending scheme that overcharged consumers millions of dollars will be permanently banned from the lending industry under the terms of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission . The settlement also provides that nearly all outstanding debt—made up entirely of illegal finance charges—held by the company will be deemed as paid in full. The scheme, which was operated online under the names Harvest Moon Financial, Gentle Breeze Online, and Green Stream Lending, used deceptive marketing to convince consumers that their loans would be repaid in a fixed number of payments. The FTC’s complaint alleged that the company instead continued to draw millions of dollars in payments from consumers’ bank accounts long after the loans’ original principal amount and stated repayment cost had been repaid, and would do so until consumers complet

New FTC Data Show Massive Increase in Romance Scams, $304M in Losses

Data spotlight shows reported losses up 50 percent from 2019 More consumers than ever report falling prey to romance scammers, according to new Federal Trade Commission data   that show consumers reported losing a record $304 million to the scams last year. A newly released data spotlight shows that the amount consumers reported losing to romance scammers is up about 50 percent since 2019, and has increased more than fourfold since 2016. Scammers draw people in using pictures stolen from around the internet, building false personas that seem just real enough to be true, but always having a reason never to meet in person. Eventually, the supposed suitor will ask for money from the unwitting consumer. The impact can be major, with the median loss reported to the FTC being $2,500—more than ten times higher than the median loss across all other frauds. The COVD-19 pandemic has resulted in people staying physically distant, providing ample reason for consumers to look for relationships onl

General Resources to help children/youth cope with COVID-19

Mental Health Resources

For Children and Youth: Kid's Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 Crisis Text line: Text 'Home' to 686868 What's up walk in: Canadian Mental Health Association/ Youth Zone: For Adults: Across Boundaries: Mental Health T.O. 1-866-585-6486, Distress Centre: 416-408-HELP (4357) Sunnybrook Family Navigation Project:

Publisher Will Pay More Than $2 Million to Settle FTC Charges That It Targeted Seniors with Phony Diabetes Cure and Money Making Schemes

A Baltimore-based company, Agora Financial, LLC, and several of its affiliates have agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they tricked seniors into buying pamphlets, newsletters, and other publications that falsely promised a cure for type 2 diabetes or promoted a phony plan to help them cash in on a government-affiliated check program. In addition to the monetary judgment, which will be used to provide refunds to defrauded consumers, the proposed settlement also bars Agora and the other defendants from making such false or unsupported claims. “These defendants preyed primarily on older consumers with false or unsubstantiated claims about curing diabetes and free money from the government,” said Bureau of Consumer Protection Acting Director Daniel Kaufman. “The FTC has a long history of taking legal action against deceptive claims such as these, and companies that fail to substantiate their scientific and financial representations can expec

FTC Gives Final Approval to Settlement with Emergency Travel Services Provider Related to Allegations It Failed to Secure Sensitive Data

The Federal Trade Commission finalized a settlement with a Nevada-based company that provides travel emergency services over allegations it failed to take reasonable steps to secure sensitive consumer information such as health records. In a complaint first announced by the FTC on December 16, 2020 , the agency alleged that SkyMed International, Inc. failed to employ reasonable measures to secure the personal information it collected from people who had signed up for its travel emergency membership plan, and as a result, the company left unsecured a cloud database containing 130,000 membership records. The unsecured database contained members’ personal information stored in plain text such as names, dates of birth, home addresses, health information, and membership account numbers, according to the complaint. The FTC also alleged that SkyMed deceived consumers by displaying a “HIPAA Compliance” seal on every page of its website, which gave the false impression that its privacy polici

One of the Defendants Behind Alleged Sham Health Insurance Scheme Agrees to Settle FTC Charges

One of the defendants behind an alleged sham health insurance scheme has been permanently banned from the health care business as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC’s proposed settlement with Candida Girouard  stems from an ongoing lawsuit against the Florida-based Simple Health enterprise.  The FTC alleges that the Simple Health defendants collected more than $195 million by enrolling American consumers in worthless association and discount memberships with limited benefits, leaving tens of thousands of consumers uninsured, some stuck with thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills. In its complaint against Simple Health, the FTC alleged that Chief Compliance Officer Girouard was an integral part of the scheme, which lured consumers through a network of deceptive websites and misled them to think they were buying comprehensive health insurance that would cover preexisting medical conditions, prescription drugs, and a host of standard care, treatmen

FTC Staff Provides Annual Letter to CFPB On 2020 Equal Credit Opportunity Act Activities

The staff of the Federal Trade Commission has provided the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) an annual summary of its activities  enforcing the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) . The FTC is responsible for ECOA enforcement and education regarding most non-bank financial service providers. In its summary, FTC staff describes the Commission’s work on ECOA-related issues, including activities addressed in enforcement, research, and policy development such as: an enforcement action in federal court against New York City car dealer Bronx Honda and its general manager, alleging that defendants violated ECOA and Regulation B by discriminating against African-American and Hispanic consumers who financed vehicle purchases, including charging them higher markups and fees for financing than similarly situated non-Hispanic white consumers; the defendants agreed to pay $1.5 million and establish a fair lending program to settle the charges, among other things; an amici curiae brief j