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You should not start a business today without an online presence

You’re unlikely to be successful without a vibrant, mobile-responsive website that launches quickly and navigates smoothly.

How to fix screen Cannot find terminfo entry for 'screen.xterm-256color'

Switch back to the terminal app that we first set the screen. For example, switch from Gnome Terminal to LXTerminal. Or Find out which TERM is supported: ls /usr/share/terminfo/x this will give you a list of supported TERMs i.e. xterm xterm-xfree86 set the environment variable: export TERM=xterm-xfree86 and run screen: TERMINFO='/usr/share/terminfo/' screen

The Canadian government recommends people be prepped for at least a 48-hour disaster

How to open zip file in Google Drive on iPhone

Send the zip file as attachment to your Gmail.  Open Gmail App, open the attachment inside the app.

A perfect credit score in Canada is a cool 900.

Send email if and only if there is content

 ifne runs the following command if and only if the standard input is not empty.  Options -n. Reverse operation. Run the command if the standard input is empty. The ifne command is part of the moreutils package. $ sudo yum -y install  moreutils Examples: $ mysql --login-path=goyun mysql -e "select * from user where user='goyuninfo'\G" | ifne mailx -s "User goyuninfo found in mysql" If you don't want to install ifne, the following is the same: $ output=$(mysql --login-path= goyun  mysql -e "select * from user where user='goyuninfo'\G"); [[ -n "$output" ]] && mailx -s "User goyuninfo found in mysql" Reverse:  $ mysql --login-path= goyun  mysql -e "select * from user where user='goyuninfo'\G" | ifne  -n  mailx -s "User goyuninfo not found in mysql" Null message body; hope that's ok

FTC Approves Final Amendments to the Energy Labeling Rule

Updates create consumer EnergyGuide labels for portable air conditioners Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a Federal Register notice (FRN) announcing final amendments to the agency’s Energy Labeling Rule (Rule). The final amendments establish EnergyGuide labels for portable air conditioners (AC) and update the energy efficiency descriptors for central AC units. They require manufacturers to label portable AC units produced after October 1, 2022. The Rule, issued in 1979 under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, requires energy labeling for major home appliances and other consumer products to help consumers compare the energy usage and costs of competing models. The Rule requires manufacturers to attach yellow EnergyGuide labels to many of the products it covers and prohibits retailers from removing or altering these labels. In a FRN announced in March 2020 , the FTC proposed establishing EnergyGuide labels for portable AC units. The Commi

FTC Data Show Gift Cards Remain Scammers’ Favorite Payment Method

Agency to roll out new materials for retailers to help combat gift card scams A new data analysis  by the Federal Trade Commission shows that gift cards continue to be the most common form of payment when consumers report losing money to most scammers. Since 2018, the data analysis shows consumers have reported spending nearly $245 million on gift cards that they used to pay scammers for a wide variety of scams. Most often, consumers that use gift cards to pay a scammer are drawn in by an imposter scam. These can take on many forms, but the ones most likely to rely on gift cards as a payment method were government imposters, family imposters, business imposters, and tech support scams. In these scams, the scammers convince consumers that they must pay using gift cards. The reasons they present vary, but they always come back to the idea that a consumer must go to a retail outlet, purchase physical gift cards, and then provide the PIN numbers on the cards to the scammer. Reports sugges

FTC Announces Crackdown on Deceptively Marketed CBD Products

Companies made unsupported claims that their oils, balms, gummies, coffee, and other goods could treat serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes Note: The FTC will host a media call-in on this announcement with Andrew Smith, Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection Date: Thursday, December 17, 202 Time: 11:00 a.m. ET Call-in: 844-291-6360; Access Code: 389969 Call-in lines, which are for media only, will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the call. The Federal Trade Commission today announced the first law enforcement crackdown on deceptive claims in the growing market for cannabidiol (CBD) products. The FTC is taking action against six sellers of CBD-containing products for allegedly making a wide range of scientifically unsupported claims about their ability to treat serious health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. The FTC is requiring each of the companies, and individuals behind them, to stop making such unsupporte

Bots can cause massive problems for web properties.

Undetected malicious bots can impact your revenue. Bad actor bots can take over accounts, scrape or download content from a website, and hoard inventory. Too much bot traffic can put a heavy load on web servers, slowing or denying service to valuable traffic.

FTC Issues Call for Research Presentations for PrivacyCon 2021

The Federal Trade Commission issued a call for research on a wide range of privacy and security issues as part of its sixth annual PrivacyCon event, which will take place July 27, 2021. PrivacyCon 2021 will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including researchers, academics, industry representatives, consumer advocates, and government regulators, to discuss the latest research and trends related to consumer privacy and data security. The FTC is seeking empirical research and demonstrations on such issues as: The nature and evolution of privacy and security risks; Privacy and security issues related to working from home; The costs and benefits of privacy and security; Effectiveness of consumer privacy and security disclosures: Algorithmic bias and ensuring fairness in algorithmic use; and Privacy-enhancing technologies for consumers. More details and information on how to submit presentations can be found on the event page .   The deadline for submitting

Grant the SUPER privilege to a MySQL user account

To grant the SUPER privilege to a MySQL user account, use this statement: GRANT SUPER ON *.* TO user;

Mortgage Analytics Company Settles FTC Allegations It Failed to Ensure Vendor Was Adequately Protecting Consumer Data

A mortgage industry data analytics company will be required to implement a comprehensive data security program as part of a settlement resolving Federal Trade Commission allegations that the firm failed to ensure one of its vendors was adequately securing personal data about tens of thousands of mortgage holders.  In its complaint , the FTC alleged that Texas-based Ascension Data & Analytics, LLC violated the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act’s Safeguards Rule , which requires financial institutions to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive information security program. As part of that program, financial institutions must oversee their third-party vendors, by ensuring they are capable of implementing and maintaining appropriate safeguards for customer information, and requiring them to do so by contract. The FTC alleged that Ascension failed to do this. “Oversight of vendors is a critical part of any comprehensive data security program, particularly where those vendors can put sens

This Morning: FTC, Federal and State Partners to Announce Major Law Enforcement Sweep

The Federal Trade Commission, in conjunction with federal and state partners, will announce a major consumer protection law enforcement sweep on a teleconference TODAY at 11 a.m. FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh will give remarks and answer questions from the media. WHAT: A phone-in press conference to announce a major consumer protection law enforcement sweep by the FTC and federal, state, and local partners. WHO: FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh will give remarks and answer questions from reporters. WHEN: Today, 11 a.m. ET WHERE: Via teleconference. Members of the media may dial in to the press conference by dialing 844-291-6360. Access code: 389969. Lines for media will open 15 minutes before the start of the press conference. The Federal Trade Commission works to promote competition and to protect and educate consumers . You can learn more about consum

Change a service startup type by PowerShell

Set-Service –Name theservice –Computer thecomputer –StartupType “selectedType” Where selectedType value can be: Automatic Manual Disabled

Payment Processor and its Former CEO Pay $1.5 Million to Settle FTC Charges They Facilitated Fraud

Settlement prohibits defendants from processing for certain merchants and imposes enhanced monitoring and screening requirements Complete Merchant Solutions, LLC (CMS) and its former CEO, Jack Wilson, have settled Federal Trade Commission charges  that they illegally processed millions of dollars in consumer credit card payments for fraudulent schemes when they knew or should have known that the schemes were defrauding consumers. Those schemes included Apply Knowledge and Tarr , which were ultimately shut down by an FTC enforcement action, and USFIA , which was shut down following an enforcement action by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The FTC alleges that CMS and Wilson ignored clear red flags of illegal conduct by those schemes, such as high rates of consumer chargebacks, use of multiple merchant accounts to artificially reduce chargeback rates so as to evade detection by banks and the credit card associations, submission of sham chargeback reduction plans, and the us

FTC Sends 28 Warning Letters Regarding Agency’s Eyeglass Rule

Eyeglass prescribers must provide patients with prescriptions at the end of an exam; cannot charge a fee or require eyeglass purchase for prescription release Federal Trade Commission staff has sent 28 letters to eyeglass prescribers  warning them of potential violations of the agency’s Ophthalmic Practice Rules, known as the Eyeglass Rule, which ensures consumers the right to comparison shop for prescription eyeglasses. The Eyeglass Rule requires prescribers to provide patients with a copy of their eyeglass prescription immediately after an eye exam that includes a refraction, even if the patient does not request it. Under the Rule, prescribers also cannot require that patients buy eyeglasses as a condition of providing them with a copy of their prescription, place a liability waiver on the prescription, require patients to sign a waiver, or require patients to pay an additional fee in exchange for a copy of their prescription. Prescribers further cannot refuse to perform an eye exam

High Score Words For Word Games


Mental Health Resources

For Children and Youth: Kid’s Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 Crisis Text line: Text ‘Home’ to 686868 What’s up walk in: Canadian Mental Health Association/ Youth Zone: For Adults: Across Boundaries: Mental Health T.O. 1-866-585-6486, Distress Centre: 416-408-HELP (4357) Sunnybrook Family Navigation Project: General Resources to help children/youth cope with COVID-19:

FTC Takes Action against Second VoIP Service Provider for Facilitating Illegal Telemarketing Robocalls

Alcazar Networks and its owner provided a gateway for tens of millions of illegal calls, agency alleges Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider Alcazar Networks Inc. and its owner settled Federal Trade Commission charges that they facilitated tens of millions of illegal telemarketing phone calls, including some calls from overseas and some that displayed spoofed caller ID numbers. The proposed settlement bars the defendants from similar misconduct in the future, imposes a monetary penalty, and requires them to screen and monitor their customers. This is the FTC’s second case against a VoIP service provider. “These defendants acted as a gatekeeper, introducing tens of millions of illegal calls into the U.S.—including robocalls and other calls that impersonated 911 emergency numbers or the government,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. “The FTC and our law enforcement partners will not tolerate VoIP providers and other companies that ass

FTC Returns Almost $775,000 to Consumers Who Purchased Deceptively Advertised Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief Supplement Synovia from A.S. Research, LLC

The Federal Trade Commission is sending checks totaling $774,755 to 13,221 consumers who bought Synovia, a supplement advertised and sold by A.S. Research, LLC as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain. The average refund amount is $58.60 per consumer. According to the FTC’s complaint , A.S. Research made misleading health claims and used phony testimonials, including one in which a user said he “ gave away his walker” after using the supplement. The FTC also alleged that the defendants told consumers they had to pay extra for a version of Synovia containing an ingredient added to increase pain relief and speed joint repair, when in fact all purchasers received that product. The order settling the FTC’s allegations prohibits the defendants from misrepresenting the results of any scientific study or endorsement and requires them to disclose any material connections they have with endorsers. It also required the company to pay $821,000 to the Commission for consumer refunds. R